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iFly Jets: 747-400 for Prepar3D v2.x is one of the most advanced simulations ever brought to the P3D platform. Working with well known 747 Captains and Engineers, the iFly team captured the “Queen of The Skies” like never before. High accuracy simulation of cockpit and systems and a full load of features make this a premier expansion to Lockheed Martin‘s Prepar3d. The product was tested by real 747 pilots to help maintain the accuracy required for this simulation.

- Winds aloft forecast entries.
- Conditional waypoints for SIDS/STARS/Approaches.
- Fly-by and Fly-over waypoints for SIDS/STARS/Approaches.
- Accurate Cost Index calculations for ECON/LRC speeds
- Horizontal and vertical navigation.
- User defined waypoints.
- SID/STAR and navdata custom database.
- ETA and Fuel prediction.
- All pages and menus are implemented.
- Maintenance pages.

- Realistic Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) with Autothrottle System.
- AFDS active (Display in green): FD, CMD, LAND3, TEST
(Displays in green with white triangles): LAND2
(Displays in amber): NO AUTOLAND
- Autothrottle (A/T) Active (Display in Green) Modes: THR, THRREF, HOLD, IDLE, SPD
- AFDS active Roll Modes Display in green): HDGHOLD, HDGSEL, LNAV, LOC, ROLLOUT, TO/GA
- AFDS armed Roll Modes (Display in white): LOC, ROLLOUT, LNAV
- AFDS active Pitch Modes (Display in green): TO/GA, ALT, V/S, VNAVPTH, VNAVSPD, VNAVALT, G/S, FLARE, FLCHSPD
- AFDS armed Pitch Modes (Display in white): G/S, FLARE, VNAV
- Leg Types: Track to Fix, Direct to Fix, Arc to Fix, Course to Fix, Radius to Fix
- With left and right Flight Director.
- Cross-bar or single cue flight director.
- Three individual flight control computers (FCCs).
- Simulated AFDS Status Annunciation.
- Activation of mouse wheel for easier MCP window settings.

Exterior Model:
- 3DS Max Model
- Realistic control surfaces.
- Working elevator power.
- Realistic flight spoilers and ground spoilers.
- Nozzle valve animation.
- Working APU doors.
- Entry & cargo doors with corresponding cockpit light.
- High quality livery textures.
- Flex wing.
- Fuselage and ground shadow and reflections
- Spec & Bump maps

Virtual Cockpit:
- High Quality 3D modeling
- High Definition textures
- Gauges functional, clickable and animated
- Animated windows Wipers (two speeds) and more.
- Superb instrument lightning at night.
- Windshield reflection.
- Sun & Moon shadow and reflections

- Simulated triple Inertial Reference System.
- Terrain Display
- NAV1/2 radios with working AUTO/MAN modes.
- Realistic Ground Proximity Warning System.
- Cabin pressurization logic fully implemented.
- Flap load relief protection.
- Failures.
- Aural alerts.
- Simulation of Left and Right EFIS.
- Full TCAS logic (with traffic display on EHSI)
- Weather Radar (Active Sky Next Required)
- Predictive Winshear (Active Sky Next Required)

- CRT and LCD Display units
- Interactive Configuration Manager.
- Many custom configuration options.
- Detailed tutorial and operating manual
- Aircraft performance calculated directly from flight model parameters.
- With custom Turbine Sound Studios GE, RR, PW sound packages
- More than 44500 SIDs/STARs included.
- Ground support and push back.
- 2D Panel supports both standard and widescreen monitors.
- Hundreds of programmable key assignments
- Ability to operate both Captain and First officer`s instrumentation in different modes while in 2D and in the virtual cockpit .


  FS Compatibility / System Requirements
Please note that P3D from what we encountered does not always work well with Win8 or 8.1. There is some issue in that Win8 triggers the compatibility assistant (rundll32.exe process) to run on P3D.exe in the back ground non-stop using around 11% CPU resources. This will of course affect overall performance of PC and running other applications. Results may differ from pc to pc. Windows 7 x64-Bit Lockheed Martin PREPAR3D v2 (tested on 2.4) FSUIPC free or registered CPU 3.0GHz Dual Core, Recommend 4.0+ GHz Quad core or more Memory Min 3 GB, recommend 6 GB or Higher VGA memory 1 GB, recommend 2 GB or Higher DirectX 11
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